What is an Uncommittee?

I've just created this term (which I'm surprised doesn't already exist but no, according to Google Search). An uncommittee is a loose collective of people with a shared goal, interest, or cause, who meet up as needed to collaborate.

It takes a more creative approach avoids that deliberately avoids the hierarchical and bureaucratic aspects of traditional committees, such as rigid roles, red tape, and top-down decision-making.

I've based it on the idea of the “unconference” that has found a strong foothold in the indie author community, both in the USA and Europe. An unconference is a gathering driven by its participants which eschews hierarchical structures, such as sponsored presentations and top-down organization, fostering a more egalitarian and spontaneous exchange of ideas.

And uncommittee is organized around similar values of organic collaboration and creativity, an uncommittee is participant-driven, and thrives on spontaneity and serendipity.

We are adopting the Uncommittee model for our Statue for Maud Gonne campaign. We only want to work with those who are excited to contribute. We will meet only when we've got substantive stuff to talk about. We'll follow the principles outlined below.

How Does an Uncommittee Work? Creative Principles

By definition, each uncommittee invents itself, but here are some general principles for uncommittees:



  • Only those who are excited to contribute get involved.
  • Every member has an equal voice and is encouraged to contribute ideas and initiatives freely, even if these are as yet half-formed.
  • All participants have an equal say in decisions, which are made collectively, through consensus. The focus is on keeping the work playful and the communications mindful.
  • The group aims to remain dynamic and responsive. Uncommittees emphasise productivity and output but not at the expense of the creative process.
  • Bureaucratic procedures and red tape are minimized as much as possible, but communications are not rushed. Listening is valued as much as talking, the kind of deep listening and creative flexibility that allows for inclusivity, adaptability, and mutual agreement.
  • An uncommittee is also highly adaptable and open to change. Rather than getting bogged down in argument or debate, collaborators support each other in working organically, and are open to new ideas, challenges, and opportunities all the way along. Proven creative techniques like brainstorming, f-r-e-e-writing, mind mapping and storyboarding are used so conversations are meaningful and all feel heard.
  • Communication in an uncommittee is open and transparent. No cliques, no bitching. To aid this, all meetups are recorded in video or audio, with a transcript.
  • Roles and responsibilities within an uncommittee emerge organically based on members’ strengths and interests. Each person drives the group's activities by choosing to do the work that most excites and delights them, and that they are uniquely placed to do.
  • Everyone should be having their own idea of fun.

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