More Than A Muse Campaign: First Meetup plus Literary Loveliness

You are invited to the More Than A Muse Online Meetup, an evening of literary exploration and creative collaboration on Wednesday, 12th June, at 7 PM UK time. The event will include our first #StatueforMaudGonne “uncommittee” meeting. 

More Than A Muse First MeetUp: June 2024

This is a unique event in two halves: a literary salon followed by a meeting to establish our uncommittee meeting.

7pm: Virtual Literary Salon

Immerse yourself in the rich worlds of the Gonne-Yeats era as we discuss compelling themes from their lives and works. An open space for enthusiasts to share favorite poems or passages, ideas and interpretations, and work of their own. I'll read from A Life Before, Kim Bendheim will discuss her recent biography of Maud Gonne, The Fascination of What’s Difficult, and please bring your own writing or poetry inspired by Gonne, Yeats, or their times.

8pm: Comfort Break

8.15: “Statue for Maud” Uncommittee Meeting

Following the literary salon, we invite those who are interested to stay for our first “Statue for Maud” Uncommittee Meeting. I will share the preview from the Kickstarter Campaign and give an update on the ideas for the campaign to date. Then we'll have a chat and come up with a “next steps” plan.

An uncommitee is a group of people with a shared goal, interest, or cause, who meet up to collaborate, as needed, in an informal but effective way. A collective that deliberately avoids the hierarchical and bureaucratic aspects of traditional committees–rigid roles, red tape, and top-down decision-making. Such uncommittees are the core to  my working life and campaigns.

More Than A Muse First Meetup: Event Details:

  • Date: Wednesday, 12th June
  • Time: 7 PM UK time. Salon: 7 to 8. Uncommittee: 8:15 
  • Location: Online (Link will be provided upon registration) 
  • Cost: Free

The event is free but you must register at Eventbrite and we will use your email address to contact you after the event.

More Than A Muse First Meetup: Why Attend?

  • Engage with Like-Minded Individuals: Connect with fellow readers and writers who share a passion for literature and history in general, and Maud Gonne and WB Yeats in particular
  • Contribute to a Cultural Legacy: Play a role in the creative process of honoring a historical figure through the “Statue for Maud” project.
  • Inspire and Be Inspired: Discover new perspectives and ignite your creative spark in a supportive and stimulating environment.

How to Participate:

  • Register for the Event at Eventbrite
  • Prepare Your Contributions: A poem, a story about Maud Gonne, or a thought-provoking question…or whatever moves you. We look forward to your input!
  • Join the Discussion: Engage with other attendees and share your insights on the night.

We look forward to welcoming you to this enriching evening of literary celebration and collaborative creativity!

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