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The Goethe Book Awards

“Of particular delight are the many unexpected twists and turns.” THE SUNDAY INDEPENDENT

Allowing Now, Gold Literary Titan Award

“…takes readers’ breath in the first stanza and keeps them captivated to the last line.” LITERARY TITAN AWARDS

After The Rising & Before The Fall, Northern Reader

“This is a book of fine writing… with an excellent ear for the voices of the past and the present, the shocks and pain inflicted by people, the suffering of loss and the pleasures of love. The explanations and anecdotes are beautifully rendered with the power of vivid imagination rooted in popular tales and legends. The characters are equally vivid, revealed with a sure hand… A memorable book which has a wide sweep of emotions and a powerful range of description.” NORTHERN READER

Bright Star, Northern Reader

“This book is full of tender and special words for the time of year, images of life, love and nature. Twelve poems sounds a small number, but there is a huge variety of rhythm and rhyme, imagery and ideas. It is a small book of big ideas, and is a tremendous success as a book of poetry for Christmas and other beginnings.” NORTHERN READER

Firebird Book Awards

Allowing Now: A Book of Mindfulness Poetry winner of the Firebird Poetry Book Award 2021

BRAG, the Book Readers Appreciation Group

After the Rising wins BRAG Award for Literary Fiction. Gold Medallion Award from BRAG, the Book Readers Appreciation Group.

Blue Mercy Award, B.R.A.G.

B.R.A.G. (Book Readers Appreciation Group) Medallion, Literary Fiction Award 2013 Honoree B.R.A.G.

Her Secret Rose Award, CAP Carousel Aware Prize

“This literary historical novel reveals the great Irish poet WB Yeats and his muse Maud Gonne in their very human glory… Exceptionally lyrical writing and vivid characterisation does justice to the book's ambitious themes.” CAP CAROUSEL

Blue Mercy Award, Awesome Indies Book Awards

Awarded for “Crafted and edited to a standard expected from major publishers.” AWESOME INDIE BOOK AWARDS

Blue Mercy Award, Book Excellence Award

Awarded for “high-quality writing, design and overall market appeal.” BOOK EXCELLENCE AWARD

Literary Titan Book Awards

After The Rising & Before The Fall awarded Literary Titan award for “unique writing style, vivid world, complex characters, and original ideas.”

After The Rising & Before The Fall Award, American Fiction Awards

American Fiction Awards Finalist awarded to: After the Rising & Before the Fall. AMERICAN FICTION AWARDS

Keepers Review: The View from Here

“Ross's verse is technically brilliant, emotionally beguiling and, at times, startling.” Kaleem Raja, THE VIEW FROM HERE

creative intentions week 7 2019
Blue Mercy Review, Bookbag UK

“I don't often beg authors for a review copy of their book but having read Orna's debut novel, I made an exception for this book [and it ] is even more skilful as the past and the present are seamlessly interwoven… I thought at first that I would not warm to Izzy's daughter, Star – some of the footnotes which she's added to her mother's story are terse (or worse) – but the splendid and most unexpected ending put everything into place.

This isn't a short read, or even an easy read, but it is infinitely rewarding… Pull the delicate strands of the relationships and see how the present mirrors the past, see how history repeats itself. It's superb.” THEBOOKBAG.CO.UK


After The Rising: “An incredible literary debut that will have the reader absolutely enthralled.”

After The Rising Review: Sunday Independent

“Puts culpable, fragile flesh and blood—lots of blood—on a defining moment in Irish history… Of particular delight are the many unexpected twists and turns.” SUNDAY INDEPENDENT

After The Rising & Before The Fall Review, Sunday Independent

“A hauntingly captivating read.” SUNDAY INDEPENDENT

Poetry I: The Writers Call, Amazon

“With this little book of big, big poems, Orna Ross reaches into the corners of your soul and pulls out all that is beautiful.” AMAZON

irish poetry
Her Secret Rose Review, Irish Independent

“Ransacks the best scholarly sources and ingeniously knits a complex tale of betrayal, revenge, suspense, love — and surprise.” IRISH INDEPENDENT