Indie Poetry Please! Update

It's time to submit your poems for a chance to feature in Indie Poetry Please!

My Indie Poetry Please! feature on Instagram aims to introduce poetry lovers to exciting and inspiring indie poets and their work.

There have been some changes to this program. Here's how it works now.

1) I repost other poet’s work on my Instagram account, which is followed by thousands of poetry lovers.

2) I publish three posts a week by other poets and choose one of these to feature in my weekly IGTV poetry reading, “Inspirational Poetry: One of Mine & One of Yours.” This runs on Instagram live on Tuesday 5pm UK time, starting next Tuesday 22nd Feb.

If you’re an indie poet and you’d like to submit your work for consideration, post your poems on Instagram, using the hashtags #inspirationalpoetry and #indiepoetryplease.

We’ll be in touch if we pick it up for a repost or reading. Patrons always have priority.

See full details and submission guidelines here.

I very much look forward to hearing and reading your work.

Till next time, may your life be filled with poetry!

x Orna

PS: Those links again:

  • Indie Poetry Please! Submission guidelines: here.
  • Join as an Indie Poet Patron and instantly submit your poems for priority attention here

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