Self-Publishing Books The Creative Way

Are you interested in knowing more about self-publishing books the creative way? Applying your creative skills not just to your writing but to your publishing, and to running your author business?

In 2011 I self-published my first book (a poetry pamphlet) and soon afterwards entered negotiations with my fiction publisher to take my rights back. It has been the best move of my writing life (you can read my self-publishing story here)

People self-publish for all kinds of reasons but they can be divided into three types:

  • the self-publishers who are writing a book for friends or family, business or community, and only intend to ever publish once;
  • the indie authors who multi-publish, and (want to) make a living from their books;
  • and the authorpreneurs who have gone full-time, and are scaling their author-businesses.

Self-Publishing Books The Creative Way: Alliance of Independent Authors

I’m Director and founder of the Alliance of Independent Authors, a non-profit association for self-publishers.

We lead a global independence movement in author-publishing, providing advocacy, trusted advice and support, and a wide range of resources.

We make sure the indie author’s voice is heard.


ALLi has members everywhere in the world. Take a look at our growing global community.


Self-Publishing Books The Creative Way: The Advice Website

The Alliance of Independent Authors runs a self-publishing advice center as an outreach service to the author community.

  • daily blog
  • bi-weekly podcast
  • weekly newsletter
  • Service ratings
  • and more

Self-Publishing Books The Creative Way: Creative Self-Publishing Book

This first book in the Alliance of Independent Authors Successful Self-Publishing series suggests that the freedom and control of self-publishing allows a more creative approach to book production and marketing.

And that indie authors and self-publishers should avail of that opportunity as much as possible.

Drawing on ALLi best practices and recommendations, the aim of this book is to dispel myth and misinformation. And to simplify and clarify the choices every indie author must make across the seven stages of publishing.

Go Creative! Books and Workbooks

Every creative business is now also in the book publishing business. That’s because digital publishing is the way contemporary businesses build creative assets and optimise their impact, income and influence.

The Go Creative! books offer a comprehensive overview of what it is to be a creative entrepreneur these digital days and the role that digital publishing plays in:

  • building assets
  • finding your micro-niche, passion, purpose and community
  • attracting a following
  • building income, influence and impact
  • creating a sustainable enterprise

Packed with advice, theories, research and f-r-e-e-writing exercises, these books explain why creatives must do business the creative way.