Creative Business Planning Members: Instructions and FAQ

Welcome, creative business planning member. This FAQ post is to help you find your way around your Patreon membership.

Your membership unlocks a suite of video workshops, tools, techniques, advice and resources that have been provided to planning members since we began back in June 2020.

There’s a lot there and it can take a little while to get familiar with it all–but it’s a good time investment that will yield you far more time (and money) after a short while, once the principles are absorbed and applied. If you follow the advice and plans, you will soon be making back the cost of your membership and then a great deal more.

  • If you have any housekeeping problems, you can write any time to
  • Issues about your own creative planning should be addressed to me by private message in Patreon.

I’m looking forward to meeting with you to guide your business planning from a creative perspective. If you’ve any other questions, or if I’ve forgotten something, just let me know.

Till next time, happy writing and publishing!


About Your Membership

Creative Business Planning Membership: Housekeeping

– Workshops take place on the last Friday of every month, at 5pm London time.
– You receive downloadables on the last Thursday of the month by Patreon post/email message — and they’ll also be in Patreon for you to download any time.
– If you haven’t already, please join our Creative Business Planning Facebook Group, where we map and log our intentions and accomplishments each week, as Maker, Manager and Marketeer. This also keeps you connected to your planning intentions between workshops

Creative Business Planning Membership: Benefits

  1. Monthly: Planning workshop designed to meet you where you are and take you where you want to go as an indie author.
  2. Monthly: Downloadable and printable PDFs of worksheets and articles.
  3. Monthly: Downloadable planners for the coming quarter, month, week and day, delivered to your email inbox on the last Monday of the month (for the month following)
  4. Accountability group: A private Facebook accountability group, for weekly intention mapping and accomplishment logging.
  5. A supportive community, swapping skills and experience.

Creative Business Planning Membership: Patron List Benefit

Another benefit is inclusion on my Patron page on my website. If you’d like to be included, send a picture and a bio to in the following format: “I’m [your name] from [your hometown, country] and I’m [describe your work]. Not a lot of people know that [fun fact about you]. I’m Orna’s patron on Patreon because [why you joined up].”

Below are some details about what to expect from your membership and some exercises to do as you commence this new way of thinking about your work.

Creative Business Planning Membership: Payment

Your first payment covers you for your first workshop session this month, sets up your monthly membership, and unlocks all past and future workshops, planners and other benefits.

  • To attend the workshop next time, and access the next month’s benefits, you don’t have to do anything, just let your membership roll.
  • After your initial payment, your monthly fee is taken on the 1st day of each month (quirk of Patreon, it’s the only day they allow).

If you don’t wish to hold your membership for any reason, you can easily opt-out by clicking the cancel membership in Patreon any time. You can opt-in again anytime too, places permitting. If we’re full when you want to join again, just write and let Kayleigh know and as a previous member, you’ll be top of the waiting list.

About The Workshops

Creative Business Planning Membership: Workshop Attendance

The business planning for authors and poets workshop is a monthly event that runs on the last Friday of the month, every month, 5pm UK time (except in December, when it is the last Friday before Christmas Day). The link is provided 24-hours before the workshop starts.

While each individual workshop is illuminating and useful, the benefits accumulate over time, as you implement your creative business plans across the year.

  • The workshop is held in my private zoom room. It is not broadcast publicly, only to planning patrons.
  • You can access the workshops in replay, in Patreon, any time. Workshops are not available elsewhere (private list in Vimeo).
  • Once registered, you will receive the attendance link half an hour before the workshop begins.
  • Downloadable, printable worksheets, provided by Patreon post/email 24-hours before the workshop starts and can be downloadable anytime from the relevant Patreon post.

You’ll need to allocate about 90 minutes for the event, but I’ll be answering everyone’s questions so we may run on — nobody left behind is the policy! (Though of course you can leave at any time and need not stay for Q&A).

Other Resources

Blog Posts & Downloads

1. Please read the following article about the three aspects of creative business.
All of our work together is based on the understanding that you wear three hats as an indie author: maker, manager and marketeer.

2. Downloadable, printable work and playsheets can be downloaded anytime from the relevant Patreon post. You can also find all the downloads, including the yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily planning sheets, on

3. Please also join us in the Creative Business Planning Facebook group if you’re not already there:

Pre-Planning Exercise: Block & Flow Evaluation

To prepare for your first workshop, please make some notes answering the questions below and pop them through to me by private message in Patreon. Don’t overthink these answers, it’s just so I have a sense of where you’re at — and can do any necessary research on your website, work etc.

You can send them through before or after your first workshop.

You may not feel blocked, but if you’re not producing or selling enough books to be profitable, and that’s what you want to do, then you have a creative block or resistance somewhere along the line.

Answering the following questions honestly will give you your starting point for understanding where precisely the blocks and resistances are.

Writing and publishing are complex processes and often there is more than one block. Seeing what’s going on clearly is the first step to dissolving it.

So…where, precisely, are you finding yourself creatively blocked as an indie author? Let’s try to separate out your current challenges under four headings: writing, publishing, readers, business.

A. Creative Blocks: Writing Production Symptom: You’re not finishing your current work-in-progress Examples: You’re not adding to your word count. You’re editing while composing and getting nowhere. You don’t have a time-based plan for your writing. You do, but you’re not sticking to it. You’ve too many books open and unfinished. What is the precise nature of your creative writing block? Give details. Write them down.

B. Creative Blocks: Publishing Production Symptom: You’re not producing books. Examples: You’ve had editorial notes but you’re stuck on rewrites. You don’t have a time-based plan for your publishing tasks or if you do, you’re not sticking to it. You can’t find the right editor. You haven’t sorted formatting or cover design. What is the precise nature of your creative publishing block? Give details.Write them down.

C. Creative Blocks: Reader Reach Symptom: You’re not selling enough books. Examples: You don’t know the right readers for your books. You don’t know where to find the right reader. You don’t have a website. You haven’t worked out how to integrate your marketing with your writing. You write across genres but haven’t segmented your email lists. You don’t have a promotion plan or if you do, you’re not sticking to it. What is the precise nature of your creative marketing block? Give details.

D. Creative Blocks: Business Success Symptom: You’re not making a profit Examples: You don’t understand creative assets or you do, but you’re not accumulating any. You’d rather not think about money. You don’t know how to align your creative and commercial goals. You haven’t made a profit plan or if you have, you’re not sticking to it. What is the precise nature of your creative business block? Give details.

In answering these questions, pay particular attention to that distinction between awareness and implementation. If you know what you should be doing, and you’re not doing it, why? Most often the reason given is lack of time or lack of money but underneath both of those explanations are psychological and emotional factors that need to surface into awareness, so they can be processed. That’s very much part of what we do in the workshops.

Don’t worry if you don’t have time to do the preparation in advance of your first session. We’ll take care of everything you need on the day and you can send it through to me afterward.