WB Yeats The Secret Rose – Gift Book Special Edition


WB Yeats special edition gift book

My WB Yeats special edition gift book is now available.

Only 500 (numbered) copies of this unique collector’s edition will ever be published; each signed, lovingly wrapped, and dispatched directly from me to you–or to your chosen reader.


A crowdfunder (see below) enabled me to create this beautiful piece of visual and literary art, in celebration of WB Yeats 15oth anniversary in 2015.

WB Yeats youngWB Yeats special edition gift book

It’s not easy to find a unique and totally thoughtful gift these days but this book should give great joy to any lover of fine fiction and poetry — especially Maud Gonne Youngthose with an interest in Ireland and Irish cultural history.

It’s a very special edition of two-books-in-one. Yeats’s first book of short stories, The Secret Rose, together with my novel, Her Secret Rose, about his relationship with Maud Gonne, his muse, at the time of writing the stories. (Similarity of titles no coincidence).

And all in a special replica edition of that first 1898 production, reproducing its gold binding and mystical symbols, as designed by Yeats’s friend Althea Gyles.

I want this book to go to those who will appreciate it. As well as signing the book, I include a dedication and a handwritten card.

WB Yeats special edition gift book:

Normally £50 + postage, special offer for Facebook fans: just £25

Gift Offer including gold-straw packing, card, dedication and special message): only £25 + post & packing

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Enter the reader’s name, and details of anything you’d like me to write on the book or in the card, in the “special instructions” box you’ll meet as you go through Paypal payment. If you’ve any other ideas about how you’d like to make it all special and personal, drop me an email here once you’ve ordered, to tell me your preferences.

It’s not just the book’s physical properties — the detailed gold foiling stamped on navy cloth pictorial boards, the intricate Celtic and occult imagery — that make this book so uniquely special. (You can read more about the challenges of creating this Victorian replica using up-to-date digital technology here, in The Bookseller Magazine.) It’s that Yeats Secret Rose stories are brought together as he originally envisaged, for the very first time.

WB Yeats Secret Rose: The Publishing History

When Yeats originally wrote his book of short stories, he had what he called a “definite plan”, for the book. The stories are all about the struggle between the spiritual and material life and he ordered then chronologically in the book, based on time era: from the birth of Christianity to the late 1890s.

Book, signed dedication, personal card, wrapped in gold foil
Book, signed dedication, personal card, wrapped in gold foil

He wanted to give the reader the experience of passing through era after era, all the way to the approach of the second millennium when he believed “our civilisation was about to reverse itself, or some new civilisation was about to be born from all our age had rejected.”

The last two stories were highly mystical and the final words were to be a short prayer, in English and Irish, that integrated Christian and Gaelic mystical belief.

This mix of old and new, pagan and Christian is the point towards which all the stories in the book have been aimed.

But Yeats’s publisher had other ideas.

He insisted on the removal of the final two stories as a condition of publication, breaking the chronological and thematic structure the writer had so carefully constructed, eviscerating the meaning of his book.

We don’t have any record of how Yeats felt about this but we can imagine how devastating it must have been.

So one of the things I wanted to do with this special edition was put all the stories back together in one volume, as Yeats originally intended. And to tell the story behind their creation.

For me, it was a labor of love and an act of homage to the writer who has most inspired me — by his life as much as his work, his unfailing dedication to the spiritual and creative dimensions of life.

For you, it is a book to savor. Yeats’s stories are challenging but reward close reading. They give a unique portrait of the artist as a young man, to borrow the title of another more famous but less ambition Irish book.

More accessible is my novel, which has its own story to tell and creative intentions to fulfil, but which I hope also serves as an introduction to the young WB Yeats work.

And it is a volume that will grace any bookshelf.

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WB Yeats Secret Rose Crowdfunder Thanks

Screen Shot Crowdfunder PubslushI also want to say Thank You

to my wonderful readers and Yeats fans who supported the crowdfunder project that made this special two-in-one book, in replica of WB Yeats 1897 first edition of The Secret Rose, possible.

Friends and patrons, I am so grateful to you for your support and hope you enjoyed being involved in this special project for #Yeats2015.

Drumroll please!….. and my deepest thanks to you, without whom I couldn’t have made it:

  • Rachel Abbott
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  • Rory Carroll
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