About My Novels

I write Multigenerational Fiction: stories with interconnected stories and timelines, that excavate buried secrets and hidden treasures.

These are family stories of rebellion and revolution against big backdrops: civil wars and independence movements. I’m especially drawn to bohemian times and places where shackles are thrown off and creativity flourishes — fin de siecle Paris (1890s); revolutionary Ireland (1910/20s); hippy (1960s) and gay lib (1980s) San Francisco.

I enjoy writing twists and surprises into my plots and playing with Irish twists on the English language in my sentences.

There are usually two settings in my stories as well as two timelines, often Ireland and elsewhere. But the real journey that my characters take is always inwards, entering the past to redeem the present and face into the future.

As Faulkner so perfectly said: “The past is never dead. It's not even past.”

How To Buy

You can purchase my novels in ebook format directly from me here on this website and in your favorite online bookstore. Print books are available on Amazon.

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