Creativist Club: Membership Levels

Member Levels in the Creativist Club

Choose from one of the three member levels in the creativist club, depending on what stage you’re at with your creative business:

  • Vision Membership (for those starting in creative business),
  • Making  Membership (for those who have settled on their creative business model) and
  • Success Membership (for those who want to increase the income and influence of their creative business).

Member Levels in the Creativist Club 1: Vision Member: Three Months (£49)

Vision Membership is for those who are just starting out. It provides clarity around what business model you should choose and a pathway to progress.

You will be in the pre-intention stage or in the first three stages of the creative process (envisioning, incubating, investigating).

How The Club Helps: You’ll be set up with a Creative Profile that will establish your mission, passion and purpose and be given a Creative Calling Card, where you can share your intentions with other members. You’ll have access to all the Go Creative! books and other resources in The Library, and be brought through a mapping and logging process that will ensure you’re setting the right creative intention in the right way.

By the end of your Vision Membership: you will have gained clarity, know your business model, established good creative habits and set up to do creative business the creative way.

Member Levels in the Creativist Club 2; Making Member: Six Months (£99)

The Creativist Cafe´

Making Membership is for those whose business model is decided. It applies creative principles that breathe new life into your craft, processes, assets and entrepreneurial efforts.

How The Club Helps: You’ll have access to everything a Vision Member has (see above), together with a Drafting and Deepening program that will move your business towards success.

In addition, you will be able to avail of the advice, encouragement, and support from other club members in The Creative Business Cafe (our private Facebook Group, full of other creatives and creativists, just like you, who are making dreams a reality).

By the end of the 21 weeks, you should have succeeded in making some money from doing what you love.

Member Levels in the Creativist Club 3: Success Member: Full Year (£199)

Success Membership is for those who want to grow the income and influence of their creative business. It offers moderated accountability aimed at continuous improvement of creative principles and practice.

How The Club Helps: You’ll have access to everything a Vision and Maker Member has (see above), together with The Studio (a moderated Asana work-rest-and-play space), where you will be given a moderator to support you in  managing timelines and workflows, setting deadlines and deliverables. One-to-one creative attention that will help you to get from desire to done.

By the end of the year, or sooner, you should be up and running and making money doing what you love.