The Creativist Club

About the Creativist Club

The Creativist Club

The Creativist Club is an online community of creative entrepreneurs, (creativepreneurs or CEs for short) working from principles based on the Go Creative! books.

We offer each other support, motivation and creative empowerment enabling us to run our projects, our creative businesses and our lives, the creative way.


  • WORKSHOPS: Monthly online, live on Facebook, replays on YouTube.
  • LIBRARY: Free downloads and printables of maps, tools and other resources that cannot fail if you follow them.
  • FORUM: This is not unmoderated chatter, but motivated and talented creativepreneurs supporting each other, sharing tips and tools, wins and challenges, and collaborating.
  • STUDIO: Dedicated online workspace where a mentor holds you accountable for taking your creative intention from desire to done. Personally-tailored methods and motivation.
  • ONLINE COURSE: Coming soon.

About the Creativist ClubThe creative way is different. More fluid, more graceful, more effective, more productive.

If you’ve been struggling with conventional productivity and motivation methods, is it time for you to go creative?

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Full no-quibble refund if you implement the principles and practices and you have not increased your influence, impact and income within three months.