Your Monday Motivator: What To Do When Creative Challenge Hits

The theme of this week’s Monday motivator mailout is “What To Do When Creative Challenge Hits”

Each week I send a Monday mail as a reminder to creatives and creativists. The pull of the outer and conventional world is strong, so we all need reminding to focus on what we most want to create.

This weekly reminder is full of tips and techniques to motivate and inspire you – and offers simple creative maps and tools to help you prioritize what’s most important to you this week.

I’ll also bring news about what I’m creating myself right now, offer a free-writing prompt around our theme of the week, and link to the latest episode of the Go Creative! Show.

This week, our theme is “What To Do When Creative Challenge Hits” and on the show, we discuss attitudes, beliefs, concepts, denials, expectations and Fears (abcdeFs) that underlie our lives and give rise to inevitable emotional challenges when we’re consciously creating. And Sondra Turnbull, Moderator of The Creativist Club Studio, finds putting out her intention around creating more money has brought her to “a bit of a downward dip”.

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