Dancing in the Wind Notebook Day 27: Yeats Sculpture

A community group led by Irish poet Cahal Dallat, The WB Yeats Bedford Park Project, has commissioned a sculpture inspired by Yeats. It will be installed near the home he lived in with his parents, two sisters and brother, as a child—the background for lots of the scenes in Her Secret Rose.

Yeats was brought there as a two-year-old when his father decided to reject a promising future as an Irish barrister and come to London to be an artist. The “garden suburb” Bedford Park was an artist’s colony with a bohemian outlook that was much remarked on in the 1890s.

Sculptor Conrad Shawcross has created “Enwrought Light” inspired by the Yeats’ poem “He Wishes For the Cloths of Heaven” — “had I the heaven's embroidered cloths/enwrought with golden and silver light…”

More: https://www.irishpost.com/culture/yeats-statue-community-group-fundraises-for-london-sculpture-to-mark-most-famous-former-resident-211310

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