Create Date: Writing Retreat in Wexford, Ireland

Once a year I take myself off for a writing retreat in Wexford, Ireland, where I was born and brought up.

It’s always a highlight of my year for me. It’s bliss to be able to focus on a single aspect of my work for a few days.

The experience was like a three-day-long create date.

I was staying in a small village in Wexford, not far from where I grew up, not unlike the village where my Irish trilogy is set.

Writing Retreat in Wexford, Ireland: Working On A Novel

That’s what I was focussing on, the third book in my Irish Trilogy, In The Hour, the follow-up to After The Rising and Before the Fall. (You can buy a two-for-the-price-of-one edition here)

More about that in my next fiction Friday slot.

In the meantime, here are some pictures, from Carraig-on-Bannow and Slade, on the Hook Penninsula in Wexford.

If you’d like to make a visit to Ireland, it’s a great place to go. Off the tourist trail and magically beautiful.

Inspiringly so.

Writing Retreat in Wexford, Ireland: Surprised by A Poem

I got lots of writing done and over on Instagram you can see a poem about emigration inspired by the picture below, Moonshine over Slade Castle.

It came from nowhere, took me by surprise.

When you’re surprised like that is when you know a creative retreat has done its work.