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Self-Publishing 3.0

Self-Publishing 1.0 was desktop publishing and POD. Self-Publishing 2.0 was selling ebooks for ereaders and phones via online bookstores. We are now entering the era of self-publishing 3.0: author-publishers building sustainable enterprises.

How? Through direct sales, subscription models, crowdsourced patronage, and other income streams.

This presentation surveys the achievements of indie authors and outlines the sequence to creative business success for authors.

These are the steps, and the order in which to do them, that optimizes creative flow and maximize income, impact, and influence and will be of interest to every author and publisher working in the digital age.

Workshop at DBW 2018

If you have already registered for Digital Book World 2018 (October 2-4; Nashville TN), then you are eligible to register for one of our FREE workshops taking place the day before, on October 1, also at Nashville’s Music City Center. If you have not already registered for DBW 2018, stop and do that first because your registration for this workshop will be void if you haven’t.

Running An Indie Author Business is a two-hour workshop.

Its purpose is to explore how independent authors around the world are creating lucrative businesses around publishing and for the participants to decide which business model best suits them and their next steps.

Running An Author Business Workshop

This two-hour workshop will explore how Self-Publishing 3.0 works for authors, in these digital days.

  • The three hats an indie author must wear: craft hat (maker), process hat (manager), growth hat (entrepreneur)
  • What it means to be in business as an author. Being “good enough”: a good enough writer (maker), a good enough publisher (maker and manager) and a good enough businessperson (manager and entrepreneur).
  • Why you’re not in business if you only trade publish.
  • The seven business models for indie authors, together with the challenges and upsides of each.

The workshop will include examples of independent authors around the world who are creating lucrative publishing businesses, using the seven different models.

You can see the full program here.

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