Thanks Carol and Missed You Joni!

The Boxers, as we've taken to calling ourselves, minus Joni. (pic: Lorna Fergusson)
The Boxers, minus Joni.  left to right: Jessica Bell, Roz Morris, Jane Davies, Kathleen Jones, me & Carol Cooper (pic: Lorna Fergusson)


Great day today with The Boxers — as the seven of us who have got together on the Women Writing Women novel box-set have taken to calling ourselves.

And with other friends from the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Jessica Bell is in London for a few weeks and Carol Cooper hosted a lunch  so we could get together with her — and six of our “magnificent seven” were able to make it.

We missed you Joni Rodgers … but managed to enjoy ourselves. (And Lorna Fergusson got our picture to prove it.)

It was the first time for some of us to meet in real life, having met through the wonders of social media.

Thanks so much, Carol, for a fabulous party!

The box set is out next week and if you haven't pre-ordered it yet, you can do so here