Wild swimming in Florida

As many of you know I love wild swimming…. or as we used to call it in Ireland where I grew up, er, swimming.

So when I was invited to speak at the NINC conference I didn't have to think twice. Not only was it Florida in October, but the very wise women who run this great association hold their conference literally on the beach.

I'll be reporting on the conference over at The Author Advice Centre's blog on Monday.

In between conference sessions, I've been running the sands and swimming the waves each day.

(No that's not me in the pic … it's a Giclee print by the wonderful Erika Masterson)

Nothing inspires me like the ocean. Here's short ocean poem:

Seeing Eye

I’m rocked in salt arms: the ocean,
waves pillowing under my head.
The sky’s eye seems to wink open
to glint all I seek to reflect.
For one glittering, infinite instant
I can’t tell the fall from the swell.

Read it slowly, read it more than once.