Why Start A Creative Business?

If it’s so challenging and, statistically, you’ll work more and earn less as a self-employed person, why not get a salaried job, fit into what’s already there?

Today, there are also good practical reasons, significant indicators that if you don’t go creative, you’re risking being left behind.

The creative spirit is on the rise in our world. Our lives today are immeasurably different to how we lived just a decade ago. Societies and economies are increasingly global and networked, more intangible, unpredictable and innovative than ever before.

In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the industrial and information ages, methodically negotiating conventional expectations made sense. School and college exams, career ladders, and bureaucratic structures were what delivered success. Not anymore. Not for companies, and not for you.

“Obedient conformist behavior is no longer the key to high income or job security, never mind health and happiness”, says Martha Beck, world-renowned life coach and bestselling author. Her experience at Harvard Business School and the American Graduate School of International Management, two of the top-ranked international business schools in America, convinced her that now a creative approach, though it looks unstructured and unreliable from the outside, is what you can count on to deliver.

“The best way to make your fortune in today’s economic climate”, she says, “is to master the spontaneous [and] creative”.

As we move out of the agricultural, industrial and information ages, we must take our places in an increasingly global, networked and digitized, where everything is ever more intangible, unpredictable and creative. Everything is changing and at increasing speed. So must you.

When things are changing fast, the thing you can count on is your ability to change fast.

When everything is breaking down, the thing you can count on is what you build yourself.

When you are already creating from a sense of mission and purpose and passion, does it make sense to apply these to business that can convert that activity into a living, doing something you love?

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