Upcoming Sessions from the Self Publishing Advice Podcast: What’s the Best App to Write My Novel?

Is Germany the next Self-Publishing Opportunity?

Here’s an advance peek at some of the broadcasts (in Facebook live video and audio podcast) coming soon from the Alliance of Independent Author’s #AskALLi.

#AskALLi Members Q&A and Self-Publishing News: What’s the Best App to Write My Novel?

This is where ALLi Partner Liaison and US Ambassador, Michael La Ronn and I answer members’ current self-publishing questions.

To celebrate National Novel Writing Month, (NaNoWriMo), we will be focusing on writing questions.

  • What’s the best app to write my novel?
  • How do I conquer writer’s block?
  • Help! I’m stuck in the murky middle of my novel!
  • Where do I find beta readers?
  • What are the best tips for editing my novel?

How to Attend the Live Salon Online: What’s the Best App to Write My Novel?

Go to this page just before we’re due to start on Saturday 16th November at 1pm GMT (5am PST, 8am EST, 5.30pm IST, 10pm AEST) Facebook will notify you to tune in.

Catch Up – #AskALLi Self-Publishing Fiction & Non-Fiction: Book Marketing: Who is Your Reader and Why Should You Care?

All the foundations of book marketing begin with knowing your audience. And that is your reader!

How do you identify who your reader is?

How deep do you need to dig?

What difference does knowing exactly who your target reader is affect your overall book marketing approach?

Join Sacha Black and I as we discuss the differences and similarities of identifying readers of nonfiction versus fiction to help you build a strong base upon which to build all your book marketing activities.

If you missed it, you can watch a replay of the Facebook Live session here. Or you can listen to the audio podcast on the Alliance of Independent Author’s Self-Publishing Advice Center’s podcast page.

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