What Should I Read Next? An Easy Way to find Books you Enjoy

I just worked out that if live to the average age of a woman in London, at my average reading rate of about five books a week, I’m only going to get in 7,800 books before I’m shuffled off to that great library in the sky.

Better get reading, then. But what to read next?

If you’re like me, one of those people who reads almost compulsively, reads every scrap of paper, leaflet, magazine or newspaper that happens your way, you maybe too often find yourself reading something that’s not really your first choice.

Perfect Website for Bookies

Karen has found the perfect website to put an end to your troubles, perfectly entitled: What Should I Read Next?”

Enter the title of a book you like and the site will analyse their database of real readers' favourite books to provide recommendations and suggestions for what to read next.

If you like the results, you can register (for free) on the results page and build your own favourites list.

The owners claim the site has been used more than 10 million times. And I can see why.

Instant Access to the Very Best Reading

This is one of the great things about living now. We have instant access to the very best reading (and viewing and listening) in the history of the world — however we define best.

We don’t have to take in whatever dumb programme the schedulers have lined up for our time in front of the TV.

We can choose.

With that choice comes responsibility. If we lazily pick up whatever book happens to be convenient, even though it’s not our kind of thing; if we watch whatever programme flickers before us, knowing it’s dross, we’re left with a sense of dissatisfaction. What should be fun is quickly not.

Mindfully choosing what we love best while letting the rest go is a core creative muscle.