What Is Creativism?

Creativism is: the conscious application of creative principles to everything in life

A Creativist is: a person who applies creative principles to the art of living e.g. home, relationships, money, work.

Creativists adopt conscious creation as a way of life. We recognize that the creative process is not confined to the fields of art and literature, but can be consciously applied to anything we want to make.

Just like the productive writer or artist, the creativist knows to integrate the conscious and subconscious, and open to creative flow.

I started to use the terms “creativism” and “creativist” when I began this blog back in 2008. I needed to distinguish the everyday application of the creative process from “creativity”, which most people associate with music, art and creative writing.

What is it that artists, writers and musicians do? They transform materials — paint, music, stone, film, words — into something new. Something that didn’t exist before, that expresses something deep and true and particular to them, that connects them to others.

A creativist does the same, takes this attitude, moment by moment, into daily life. They see career, marriage, family, friendships, home, money, clothes, all of life as an opportunity for self-expression and creative connection.

A Creativist World

Just as good art transforms materials into the beauty of truth, the delight of wisdom, creativists aim to create truth, beauty, wisdom and delight too.

Creativists foster economies and societies that recognize the individual and the collective; the male and the female, the material and the intangible. We align with social structures that foster growth and empowerment for ourselves and others, within a context of creative containment and balance.

Crucially, creativists acknowledge that our first duty is to create these conditions within. Only then can we create them in the world.

Creativism, as a state of mind and a way of life, can lead us beyond consumerism.

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