What Does It Mean to Go Creative?

We cannot help but be creative. Being creative came with being born. To go creative, though, is something else.

First off let's recognize that being or going creative is not an excuse to wear weird clothes or go naked, to grow your hair or your fingernails, to be rude, or weird, or addicted to chaos or drama.

You may fancy doing any of those things, but they won’t make you more creative.

And unless what you’ve set out to create is altered consciousness, half-witted behavior and a hangover, neither will doing alcohol or other drugs.

Being curious and courageous, enthusiastic and enterprising, honest and open, passionate and positive, though, just might.

Curiosity and courage, enthusiasm and enterprise, honesty and openness, passion and positivity are the hallmarks of the creative response.

And thus necessary characteristics for a creative entrepreneur.

To go creative is to:

  • Go Curious! Explore and experiment
  • Go Courageous! Take risks.
  • Go Enthusiastic! Enjoy life and seek inspiration
  • Go Enterprising! Befriend your money
  • Go Honest! Tell the truth about what you truly want
  • Go Open! Relax and expand
  • Go Passionate! Do what you love, love what you do
  • Go Positive! Say “yes” to life

Over the coming day's posts, we'll look at each of these in more detail.

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