What Do Creativists Do?


  • Choose to harness the power of the creative process, not out of conviction or faith, but because we’ve tested and verified this process in our own lives.
  • Don’t attempt to explain the unexplainable. We revel in the novelty, complexity and diversity of the universe, known and unknown.
  • View personal freedom as one of the highest human values.
  • Welcome change as being what one of the first creativists on record (Heraclitus) described “the only constant”.
  • Regularly experience the power of conscious creation in our own lives. Know it can be applied to anything we might want to create, so long as we turn up, consciously connected, willing to do our bit, play our part.

Though creativism is a relatively new word, the concepts that underwrite it have a long history, found in the ancient Taoism of the I Ching, in Mahayana Buddhism, in omega and integral philosophies, in transformational psychologies and as a strand — often suppressed — in most belief systems, (including secular humanism).

You don’t need to know any of that to go creative, though. And you don’t have to buy anybody else’s version of what it means, including mine. The creative state is defined not by belief but by experience.

  • It doesn’t believe hearsay: “Everyone thinks this, it must be true.”
  • It doesn’t believe tradition: ”It's been handed down through many generations, it must be true.”
  • It doesn’t believe rumor or supposition: “Somebody I know said it, it must be true.”
  • It doesn’t believe superstition: “I once had bad luck after walking under a ladder; it must be true.” 
  • It doesn’t believe scripture: “God said it to someone once, it must be true.”

It doesn't believe, at all.

It tests.

OVER TO YOU: When you do something, a long established habit or something new, do it always in the spirit of experimentation. Watch how you  are responding.

1. When your observation tells you that your feelings are negative, uneasy or unhappy: step away. Trust the feeling. It is pointing to an explanation. Either you should move permanently away or you need to understand more. F-R-E-E-Write your feelings. (see below for instructions). Find out what lies beneath.

Once you understand why you feel the way you feel, you will know what to do. Going against your feelings creates great confusion, for yourself and others.

2. When your your observation tells you that something is good, or makes you feel well and happy: that’s easy. Nothing to know here, just step closer, do more of it, enjoy, enjoy.

Going creative, embracing creativism, is universally good. Just like you were given a body you are meant to move, that is designed for movement, you were given a creative apparatus you were meant to employ. It was designed to create what you want. Using it will make you healthy and happy. But don’t take my word for it.

Try it and see.

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