Week 32: What Are You Making In Your Creative Business This Week?

Hello August! It’s high summer here in London, the hottest in living memory, and we’re all a little giddy. But of course creative work continues to flow, even if rainfall doesn’t.

What’s on the creative cards for you this week?

I’m continuing my refocus, a topic I discussed with Joanna Penn at our Facebook Live Salon last week. As publication is a key stage of success for all creative entrepreneurs ( (Stage 6 in the Sequence of Creative Success), you may be interested in that event, which you can access in video or audio here.

(We had a tech glitch that kept “disappearing” me every so often but Joanna soldiered on like the trooper she is)

This week, I have notes back from my script editor that I’ll be working on, my final pass through on the script before we send it out. Eeek!

And I’ll be preparing the first books of the Go Creative! series ready for launch at Digital Book World in Nashville, in October. 

What about you? Do you need to refocus any aspect of your business? Or maybe to step up to what you know you should be doing? Come across to the Creativist Club Facebook Group to set your creative intentions for the week in a safe space with a group of like-minded creative types.

We’d love to see you there.

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