Week 28 2018: What Are You Making In Your Creative Business This Week?

This week, I’ve been inviting members of The Creativist Club to share two of my morning flow practices: F-R-E-E-Writing and Inspiration Meditation.

It felt a little strange, inviting people into this most private practice but I know how key that practice is to my own creative endeavors and achievements,

Flow practices are a bit mysterious. You meditate or f-r-e-e-write or go on a create-date and wonder: how can this be making me more creative? Shouldn’t I be doing some real work?

Yet these apparently aimless practices, in moving us away from our daily activity and mindset and immersing us in the open, thought-free condition called the create-state, make us far more creatively productive than an over-developed work ethic.

Doing creative business the creative way is a matter of connecting to our own processes, our own ideas and insights and imaginings. We do this by cultivating the create-state regularly, and then getting out of our own way, so flow can surface and… well… flow.

There is more power in one truly creative insight or idea than in a hundred thousand concepts, opinions or days of overwork.

As creativepreneurs, we’re stripped of this great source of personal power by conventional business thinking and practices. Regular flow practice reverses that loss.

I use four flow practices regularly: one for body (Effortless Exercise), one for mind (F-R-E-E-Writing), one for spirit (Inspiration Meditation), all of which I try to do daily.

I also enjoy a weekly flow practice called The Create Date.

Flow practice benefits us all but lots of creatives resist it. I now offer a creative flow practice two of these online, on Mondays through Thursdays, with other conscious creatives from The Creativist Club. The daily sessions run from Monday to Thursday, on the Facebook Live platform in our closed Creativist Club forum (to keep it as private as possible).

Those gathering live are there at 7.30 but the idea is you set your own time to join in the practice each morning at whatever time suits you, wherever you are.

Bring a pen and paper and a willingness to be guided out of your conventional mind state to the place where creativity flows. If you’d like to join us: more details here

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