What Are You Choosing?

Art and life are both created moment by moment, choice by choice.  

What you experience in your life today is largely a result of choices you made in the past.   Some of these were consciously made but a lot of the time we

choose unconsciously — habitually, routinely, without thinking.

So much so that we often don’t even acknowledge that it was a choice at all. 

Yet it was.

In every moment, we have the option to respond in rote, habitual ways or, alternatively, to make conscious, creative choices.

Moving to consciously choosing what you think, say and do has a profound affect on your life.  Every moment becomes more exciting, more joyful and suddenly full of potential. 

And it’s easy.  

All you have to do is take every opportunity to step back and witness your choices — in the moment of making them.  

This witnessing moves the process from the unconscious to the conscious realm.

You don’t judge your choices.  You don’t have to nag yourself with admonisments to choose something “better for you” or more worthy (nagging yourself doesn’t work any better than nagging anyone else).  You don’t tell yourself that your choice means you’re weak, or useless, or a terrible person.  

You simply observe yourself in the act of choosing:

  • “Oh look, I am choosing to join in the moaning about the recession at coffee break.
  • “I am choosing to surf the net instead of working on my book.
  • “I am choosing to eat a third chocolate biscuit.  I am choosing to eat a fourth chocolate biscuit.  I am choosing to eat a fifth…”
  • “Look at me, choosing to remember what my mother said to me when I was thirteen instead of being aware of the sunset.”
  • “I am choosing to barp my car horn loudly at the slow driver in front.”
  • “Look: I’m choosing not to tell my partner the truth.

Just observe.  Just gently notice that is is you, doing the choosing.  That’s all.  

That is enough. 

As your choices become more and more conscious, you will find that routine habits and self-defeating behaviours start to melt away.  That your internal self-talk grows gentler and kinder, less carping.  That your life spontaneously begins to fill with people and events and places that you love.

The great Persian poet Rumi wrote: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Conscious choosing is all about love, really.  The barriers revealed begin to fall, allowing you to fall back in love with your own life.

With life itself.