Week 47: 2018: What’s Your Creative Business Making This Week?

If it’s Monday, it must be time for your weekly creative intentions for your creative business. Here are my creative business intentions for week 47 2018, under our usual headings of Maker, Manager and Maximizer (Entrepreneur), together with a review of last week’s accomplishments (it’s so important to note what we’re achieving as well as what didn’t happen, or what’s still to be done).

As creatives in business, we need to be thinking always, across all three aspects of our enterprises.

You can learn more about those three aspects of creative business in this blog post.

I’d love to know what you’re creating too. Join me and other creative entrepreneurs in a closed Facebook group where we share our creative intentions and accomplishments and motivate each other.

Creative Business Intentions for Week 47: Making (Crafter)

This week I’m making social media assets. Do you not think of social media as a craft task. Well yes, while the posting could arguably be part of the Entrepreneur’s remit, or the Directors, the actual words are a craft task, in my view.

My current intention is match the voice in my social media more closely to the voice in the books or other product they’re promoting, so that’s what I’ll be concentrating on this week, craft wise, as I self-edit come more of the Go Creative! series.

Creative Business Intentions for Week 47: Managing (Director)

The website upgrades continue. (please send chocolate!). And getting my social media process in place will also be part of that. I’ve started to use SmarterQueue for this.

Creative Business Intentions for Week 47: Maximizing (Entrepreneur)

I hope to get those social assets up and out there before the end of the week.

And I’m thrilled to be doing a reading at Hodges Figgis tomorrow night with many Irish novelists and poets whom I admire, including Kevin Barry, John Boyne, Mia Gallagher, Lisa Harding, Joseph O Connor, Olivia Smith and Deirdre Sullivan.

We’re celebrating this great Dublin bookshop being 150 years old with an anthology of Irish writing: Reading The Future: New Writing from Ireland.

That’s new writing from mainly established writers. Both the anthology and the event, by the same name, has been put together by the wonderful Alan Hayes of Arlen House. I can’t wait to hear them read their new work.

I’ll be reading from A Child Dancing, the next novel I’m bringing out. You can find out more and pre-order the book here..

What about you? What is your business creating this week? What did you accomplish last week that makes you happy?

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