Week 40: Howdy From Nashville and Digital Book World. What’s Happening in Your Creative Business This Week?

This week, I’m thrilled to be visiting Digital Book World 2018 (DBW) with other ALLis. This conference, which has been called “the Super Bowl of publishing,” has taken a turn: from old-style to new publishing, from the establishment to the fringe, and from NYC to Nashville.

I love that it’s flung the door open to publishers of every sort and size, from Big 5 publishers to Amazon and Ingram and PublishDrive, to micro indie-publishers and self-publishing authors.

ALLI is delighted to partner with this newly-imagined and now innovative conference. We very much align with DBW’s embrace of the broadest possible definition of “book” and “publishing”, and its approach to innovation in storytelling, from voice tech to the blockchain.

Our main message to independent authors at DBW will be about growing our independence by building sustainable author businesses. Writers used to think of our job as a career. The day we sell our first book through a self-publishing platform like KDP, Kobo or IngramSpark, we move from having a career to running a business.

We need to take the full implications of this on board… it goes way beyond marketing.

And the way authors do this needs to be mirrored by other creative entrepreneurs, who are all relying on “publishing”–of books, blogs, social media–to grow their impact and influence.

ALLi at Digital Book World

We have a sizable ALLi pavilion located within the Digital Book World 2018 exhibit hall, up near the front. If you’re there, do call by.

And here’s a summary of our events.

Running an Indie Author Business: Orna Ross, ALLi founder and director, and Robin Cutler, director, IngramSpark, Ingram Content Group

A two-hour workshop explaining how Self-Publishing 3.0 works for authors. They outlined seven business models that self-publishers can use to increase their income, impact, and influence, with examples of “inspirational indies”, independent authors around the world who are creating lucrative publishing businesses.

What’s So Bad About Vanity Presses?

A “fireside chat” with Ross and Alexa Bigwarfe, ALLi’s manager of conferences and events, delving into the polarizing topic of vanity presses.

Self-Publishing 3.0: Building a Successful Author Business the Creative Way.

Plenary session, surveying the achievements of indie authors and outlining the sequence of steps to creative business success for authors.

Go Creative

I’ll also be pre-launching the first book in my series for creative entrepreneurs: Go Creative! A Map For Creative Entrepreneurs.

In the digital world, authors have more in common with other ‘creativepreneurs,’ those who are building businesses around a passion or mission, than with authors who take the traditional pathway to publishing. And every creative entrepreneur these days is also in the publishing business.

This new book series is a guide to running a creative business, the creative way, and publishing is at the heart of that for all who want to create more influence and income.

Tour of Ingram Spark Headquarters

Authors attending the conference are also invited to join ALLi for a visit to the Nashville headquarters of Ingram Spark

Self-Publishing Advice Conference (#SELFPUBCon)

If you can’t attend, don’t worry. We’ll be bringing the highlights in our Self-Publishing Advice Conference Saturday next. Sign up here if you haven’t already. It’s all online, 24 sessions over 24 hours, and all free.

For 24 hours, beginning at 10 a.m. GMT on October 6th, ALLi It brings together the most up-to-date self-publishing education and information available and broadcasts it to authors everywhere.

It’s going to be a busy week. What about you?

What are you creating in your business this week?

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