Power of Creative Intention Part 5: Stimulating Wants, Wishes, Desires

This is Part Five in the Creative Living Series. Read Part Four here.

How did you get on with the Go Creative Wheel? It should have given you a sense of your overall life balance and which life segments (or spheres of creation as we like to call them around here) are most in need of attention.

The next step deepens that, by asking you to note one change you'd like to make in each sphere.

Download the One Change map here:


It shouldn't take you long to fill.

If you find you can't think of any change you want to make in a particular sphere, fine. Just skip it.

As ever, a f-r-e-e-writing session after doing this exercise is likely to throw up more insights.

Don't think too intently about any of this. Just lightly jot down any change that comes to mind. Keep it f-r-e-e: fast, raw, exact, easy.

The idea here, and in the next exercise, The Creative Wishlist, is to stimulate your want buds.

Just the thought of this is enough to make some of us feel guilty. We've all been raised within nations and societies, institutions and families that enforce social control through mental and emotional, sexual and spiritual constraint.

Told that we shouldn't want what we want, we repress the desire. We pretend to ourselves we don't really want it. We give ourselves other, substitute, second-hand pleasures instead but it doesn't work. with the repressed desire breaks through, often in weird, warped ways.

I know what I'm talking about; I came of age in 1970s Ireland, when a Roman Catholic hierarchy preached sexual abstinence for everyone, except married couples, and celibacy for themselves. We've since seen the wounds of abuse and hypocrisy that festered under that restraint.

The religious institutions may hold less power than before in Western society but we are not free of the repressing impulse. Everywhere we look, we see evidence of true desire warped and strangulated, from abusive pornography to death levels from obesity.

You're probably not a twenty-ton, porn addict but chances are that you are, like everyone else, less in touch than you could be with the straightforward mechanism of conscious creation.

Desire –> feeling –> thought –> vision –> intention –> creation

Of course, we don't act on every desire we have. If we're truthful about all the lovely things we want in our imaginations, we couldn't possibly act on them all. There isn't enough time or resources.

But if we feel guilty or anxious even admitting to ourselves the truth of our most pressing needs, cravings, and essential wants, we'll find ourselves with one of two big problems, the kind that don't go away.

  1. We won't know what we want, so we'll be stuck, unable to strike out in any direction, caught in over-thinking, over-analyzing and under-doing. Or drifting through life, at best half-alive and half-fulfilled, or depressed, or even despairing.
  2. We'll know what we want but we'll feel unworthy or afraid to choose it, loud and proud. We'll only allow ourselves to want things that are easier to have. Unsatisfying porn instead of deep intimacy and great sex with another. Or maybe unsatisfying sex with another instead of very satisfying sex aids, thank you very much, and deep intimacy with self?

It's up to you.

What do you truly want? We'll find out next time with a Creative Wishlist.

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