Wander to Wonder

‘“Wandering” may sound aimless, a flotsam and jetsam drift, but it is as purposeful in its way as the migration of monarchs (butterflies) each fall.

‘Like their aerobatic, drifting flight, it only looks aimless taken a step at a time… I may not see the pattern if I only look at individual shards with their cryptic, broken makings… But from the perspective of time, my wandering is as intentional as the butterfly's, and as necessary.

‘When, instead, I become too single-minded and goal oriented, straight ahead, one foot in front of the other, I might as well be a robot or a computer. Humanity fades: the joy is gone.

‘How can I know what lies over the next ridge, beyond the trail's next turning, along the creek, in the corners of my mind, if I don't give myself permission to wander?

‘A planner, an itinerary, a map… all well and good when the destination is Cleveland. If it is discovery instead, I need to let the experience direct me, one find leading to the next.'

— Cathy Johnson, from ‘Lost In The Woods'. You can read the whole essay in Creators on Creating: Awakening and CUltivating the Imaginative Mind.

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