Walk Up To The Go Creative! Show Episode 20: The Creativist Club Is Open

In this week’s Go Creative! Show we are officially opening up our doors to our new Creativist Club.

This week returns to our original format for the show with three key segments – Creative Writing, Creative Publishing and Creative Living – after a few weeks hiatus while we got to know Sondra Turnbull, Moderator of The Creativist Club Studio, delving into her creative process.

So, without further ado, on Sunday in our Creative Publishing segment we’re joined by Joanna Penn where we discuss opening up to Indie Authors at BE and other places around the world. In the Creative Writing segment I’ll be reading some of my favourite poetry. And finally, in our Creative Living section we tell you all about the Creativist Club, and importantly, why you should join.

Tune in on the Show Page after 10am Sunday next, London time. Or subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher