Walk Up To The Go Creative! Show Episode 15: Milestones & Turning Points: Your Creative & Creativist History

This week the show is all about going back to look at your history with your “significant something”, whatever it is you most want to make.

Sondra Turnbull, Moderator of The Creativist Club Studio, has stepped forward to say her creative intention is to make more money while doing what she loves.

And we’re going to take Sondra through the same process offered to each member of the club.

On Sunday, we set the scene for the pre-intention phase, by looking back at Sondra’s money history: her parent’s relationship with money and her own milestones and turning points.

And then we set her off to do the first exercise around this intention (A Creative Wish List).

Once she’s established her intention, Sondra will be taking it through the seven stages of the creative process in subsequent shows. And there will be downloadable PDFs that can take you through the same process if you’d like to do the same.

It will work whatever you’re creating; the same process that makes one thing, makes everything.

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