Walk Up To Episode 13 of The Go! Creative Show: How To Turn Failure Into Creative Failure

Ever failed? Yeah, me too. Everyone who’s ever created anything meaningful will tell you that failure is totally part of the process.

Our aim as creativists is not to eradicate failure but to harness it, to use it to fuel the next step of our

Tomas Edison: creative failure
Tomas Edison: Go creative and there’s no such thing as failure.

inexorable, non-negotiable, not-gonna-let-this-derail-me progress towards creating what we truly want.

This means treating failure as a mirror, a feedback system.

In this week’s Go Creative! Show I’ll be talking about two recent fails of mine, one everyday, one that felt rather epic.

And exploring how they differ — and should be treated differently.

All failure is not the same.

But all failure can be befriended.

Turning failure into creative failure means allowing it to teach us what we most need to know.

Tune in to Go Creative!

My big fail brought me a new editor for the Go Creative! books. When we face into failure, and open ourselves to what it’s saying, we often get a reward like that.

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