Successful Self-Publishing Masterclass

UK indie authors. If you're in or around London on 2nd March (Sunday) I'm doing the keynote address that day at a self-publishing masterclass run by my favourite newspaper, The Guardian.

An audience of 100 aspiring and improving self-publishers will come together with a gang of wonderful UK indies: Roz Morris, Polly Courtney, Ben Galley and uber-author-entrepreneur, Joanna Penn, who's organising and running the day.

This  kicks off my busiest time of the year, event wise. Highlights of the coming months include seminars at the London  Book  Fair and PubSmart in Charleston.

I'm also going to be starting a Go Creative! Google Hangout once a month, where I'll take questions about your creative state and what you want to make.

The first will be for IndieRecon, the best self-publishing conference on the Internet (starting next Tuesday). There I'll be talking about the seven stages of the creative process, as they pertain to writing a book.

But as regular readers of this blog know, the creative process is not just something of value to writers and artists but to everybody. And so these online videos will address how to become more creative in every sphere of life – including arenas we don't normally think of us creative, like work and money.

There will be room for up to ten people on each call, and it will be broadcast live. If you'd like to take part, drop me a line

And there's a full schedule of events, with dates and times, on the Calendar.