Two Creativists Talk About A New AdVenture

Yen: Early in December 2014, I told Orna about my decision to go freelance, and she responded by asking me if I cared to join her on an adventure. I was scared, feeling slightly unsure, but deep down, my gut said yes.

So I said yes.

Since then, I’ve been getting to know Orna through her works, through the way she works, but most importantly, through her spirit. She is generous, caring and full of creative energy!

(Orna: Yen finds it easy to say nice things about other people but this blog post is supposed to be about her. She is going to help me bring my books and courses to you — and ensure you're getting what you need from them.)

Yen: Though we may seem like very different people on the outside, the more I get to know Orna, the more I think we’re in the same headspace. My earlier hesitations and insecurities are seeping away, as we make plans and plot the milestones of our adventure.

(Orna: It's an adventure, dear reader, that's mostly about you. At core, it's about being who you are. About deciding to live, for however many years you have left on this planet, from the inner impulse as much as the outer. About how we foster our creative-minds instead of what Yen and I call “con-mind”, and all its convolutions and conventions.

In short, about deciding what you want to create in life and having the courage to create it — and, something so many of us struggle with — put it out there.)

Yen: Orna invited me to jot this blog post as an introduction, since it's likely you’ll be hearing lots more from me in the coming months. I call myself a “Creator. Thinker. Do-er.” I believe that everything about me falls in those three categories. Professionally, you'll come to know me as a project manager, strategist, writer (and sometimes, musician).

(Orna: At last! She speaks about herself!)

Yen: On this new adventure, I want to help introduce Orna Ross to people who currently do not yet know her, and help those who already do. And get to know her better myself, as I am already doing.

(Orna: That talking-about-herself didn't last too long.)

Yen: To start, let me tell you what I’ve found so far…

…there’s something magic about Orna Ross.

(Orna: All I can say to that, Yen, is quote one of my favourite quotes, from Anais Nin: “We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are.”

Both: Bring it on!



Yen Ooi Yen Ooi started writing as an outlet for her wild imagination, which was instigated by her appetite for books ever since she was young. Having had a vibrant career in music touring, education and project management, Yen put her skills to writing stories since 2008, producing speculative, fantasy and science fiction in various guises. She shares her short stories, poetry and blog on her website Yen is a member of ALLi, BSFA, and a member and panelist of Worldcon. She shares her home and writing lair in London with her patient husband and two mischievous cats.

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