Three Ways to Bigger Brainwaves

We know from brain neuroscience that when it comes to creative mental activity – imagining, envisaging, mooninventing, innovating – our brainwave patterns slow down.

Research with EEGs (electroencephalographs) comparing electrical brain patterns in groups carrying out different thinking tasks confirms that those solving rational, logical or mathematical thinking have an EEG cycle of 20 to 23 cycles per second while those engaged in any kind of creative thinking have EEG cycles running between 11 and 17 cycles per second.

Excitingly, we know too that these bigger, slower brainwaves associated with our creative intelligence can be consciously encouraged by three  simple activities.

  1. Deep Breathing.
  2. Endurance Exercise –  particularly walking, slow jogging, long distance biking and lap swimming.
  3. Meditation.

So now you know.  Go to!

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