Three Kinds of Creativity

According to Arthur Koestler in The Act of Creation, there are three types of creative individual:wind leaves

  • the Artist
  • The Sage
  • the Jester.

The Artist creates beauty or challenge.  The Sage creates meaning or ideas.  The Jester creates humour or tricks.

I prefer to think in terms of creative response, rather than individuals.   Don't we all have a bit of each of these three creative “types” in us?

And might we not press down on a different creative dimension, depending on the project we're working on? Today, for example, I was predominantly aiming to make the reader think ( Artist) as  I worked on a scene from my novel this morning but my focus will be on meaning and ideas (Sage) this afternoon, as I put the finishing touches to the Inspiration Meditation e-book.

In Crash Course in Creativity, Paul Birch and Brian Clegg suggested you could tell which type of creativity was in operation by the response of others.

To the work of The Artist, we go : “Aaahhh”.  To the work of The Sage: “Ah-ha”.  To the work of The Jester: “Ha ha”

Which type predominates in you?


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