This Week’s Highlights from the Self-Publishing Advice Blog

Self Publishing Advice centreLet’s take a look at highlights from my other blog, at the Alliance of Independent Authors‘s Self-Publishing Advice Center. From now on, this round-up will post on Wednesdays

This week, Jay Artale published an article about writing a memoir and the challenges in doing so – What if you’re not brave enough to publish a memoir using your own name?

Jay Artale & Michael La Ronn held their monthly Beginners’ Self-Publishing Salon. This week they discussed the different types of editing that beginning authors should familiarize themselves with.

Boni Wagner-Stafford  of Ingenium Books, perhaps somewhat controversially, explains why indie authors may wish to pay for author services in her article Paying for Author Services Does Not Equate to Vanity Publishing

And finally, as always, we come to Dan Holloway’s regular indie author news round-up. This week he talks about Kindle Page Views, new service announcements from Smashwords and Barnes and Noble, professional book covers, and the W3C Publishing Summit.

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