This Week’s Highlights from the Self-Publishing Advice Blog

Self Publishing Advice centreEach Tuesday I take a look at highlights from my other blog, at the Alliance of Independent Authors‘s Self-Publishing Advice Center.

As part of my own three-part series, I ask the question Are We Ready for Self-Publishing 3.0? As indie authors, we have a lot to gain. But only if you’ve already developed an independent, creative and empowered mindset.

Want to get your books in front of more people? Read Kim Lambert’s article on using Podcast Interviews to Market Self-published Books

With the manipulation of sales rank on Amazon being a much discussed topic of late, John Doppler’s article Reactions to the Amazon Clickfarming Scandal is not to be missed.

As indie authors we have a lot of different hats to wear. Not only are we writers (first and foremost), but we’re also our own administrators, developers and marketers. Historical novelist Clare Flynn explains how she has lightened her load in How to Find a VA and How They Help Indie Authors Build their Self-publishing Careers

And finally, as always, we come to Dan Holloway’s regular indie author news round-up where he announces W3C’s first publishing conference. He also discusses DRM free ebooks, a new ebook platform, how some publishers are really doing in this age of decline / rise / stagnating book sales, the change in American libraries that marks a new era, and the latest from Amazon.

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