This week’s F-R-E-E-Writing prompt: Creating Money, Creating Meaning

This week’s F-R-E-E-Writing prompt explores your relationship with money and what the Go Creative! series calls true wealth

Few of us are achieving our financial potential. We are surrounded by role models of wonderful possibility, people who from nothing have created and have gone on to maintain great fortunes, and used these fortunes to facilitate great deeds.

We live in a world where you can, if you truly want to, create millions from an idea put together in a garage or on a kitchen table.

Yet one third of Americans, the wealthiest nation, end up with no money in retirement. That’s right, nothing, nada, $0.

There are many reasons for this, and some of them are endemic to our economic systems.

How we best influence those systems is by getting our own financial life in order, so that it represents our truest and deepest values.

How we define true wealth varies from person to person. For one, it might be having an adequate income, money in the bank and retirement taken care of. For another, it might be having enough income from assets to be liberated from ever having to work again.

The Go Creative! series defines wealth as ease, freedom and flow. Having enough money,  plenty of money, or money in abundance is an outcome of that inner condition.

Being truly wealthy doesn’t necessarily entail a life of rich trappings – gold jewellery, houses in the sun, first-class travel – but it always entails a feeling of being safe, well-off and grateful. And of being in good creative connection with our money.

The H.O.W of any creative act is, says creativity tutor Julia Cameron, honesty, open-mindedness and willingness.

Sit in stillness and quiet, with your notebook open before you, your pen beside it. For two full minutes, sit with silence, letting your breathing become progressively slower and deeper. Prepare to write fast, raw and exact-but-easy. Let your thoughts rest, waiting to begin.

Now, F-R-E-E Write your answers to these three H.O.W questions:

  1. Honestly, what’s your attitude to money?
  2. Opening your mind, moving from con-state to create-state, what would you like to change?
  3. Willing, what would you be prepared to do to make that happen? What would be prepared to let go?

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