This Week’s Poetry to Inspire: “The Rest of Our Being” + Callout For Indie Poetry Submissions

the rest of our being
“The Rest of Our Being” will publish in my next book, Allowing Now

New Poem Reveal: The Rest of Our Being

As well as books and other bonuses, my patrons get exclusive poetry hot off the creative presses, a full three months before anyone else gets to read or hear it. This week's poem, The Rest of Our Being, was originally published in June 2019 and is now open to the public.

It's called “The Rest of Our Being”, and it's a cry of hope for humankind. You can read and hear it in audio now on Patreon and I hope you enjoy it.

It will be included in my next selection of inspirational poems, Allowing Now.

I'm preparing that book for publication now. If you'd like a review copy, just let me know.

Indie Poetry Please!

TheIndie Poetry Please! section of the #ASKALLi Self-Publishing Poetry Podcast is where indie poets read or perform their work. Submit your poems for consideration

Dalma and I are currently preparing this month's podcast, which means we're looking for poems from poet patrons and friends.

1. Submit on Patreon in text: (You'll need to sign up for Patreon, if you're not a member already. It's free unless you decide to support someone).
2. And submit MP3 audio of you reading the poem here:

If you've any questions, just let me know.


Orna Ross


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