The Importance of Play For Creatives & Creators

The Importance of PLAY In Going Creative

Not for nothing is play also known as recreation. Re-creation.

Play is as important to creatives and creativists as work. The accomplished creative, or creativist, can hardly tell one from the other. What distinguishes them is that creative play is even lighter and freer than creative work because it is done purely for enjoyment.

Art, books, movies and music are permitted fun for grown-ups but we also need to lighten up and try more childish things. “Every child is an artist,” said Picasso.

Play is swings, comedy, puzzles, flirting, cartwheels, dressing-up, daydreaming, ping-pong or other (non-competitive) games, parties, trampolines, cards, shooting hoops, coloring… There are a thousand ways to play, so long as it’s freely chosen and your idea of fun.

When you play, you ignite the creative centers in your brain. You silence your self-censoring, inner critic. You see your challenges through a fresh lens and creative solutions rise and present themselves, seemingly unbidden.

For the creativist, play is as basic, as widespread, as necessary, and as natural as sleep.

Like sleep, it renews us.

Re-creates us.