The Font of All Creative Achievement

It shouldn’t surprise us that we travel through this world as we do, full of desires: we’re children of longing.

Some years ago, by some strange destiny, an egg and a seed engaged each other in the darkness of a womb, and you were conceived. Your conception emerged out of your parent’s passionate longing for each other, and their longing for love.

Ever since, the same inner force has guided you in your unfolding. As an embryo you were led on by the evolutionary desire to be born. For the first nine months or so, your changes happened in blind darkness, as you travelled through the previous shapes of human evolution on planet earth. All the way through your birth, and since, you've been led by the same two creative longings: the longing to become, the longing to belong.

To become: an integrated adult human, the most evolved specimen of humanity you are capable of being.

To belong: not just to the wider evolving world and also to the guiding spirit that unfolds it.

Knowing what we truly want at a given moment in time, taking the steps to make it, replicates the original human journey, out of darkness into light. That’s why consciously engaging with this creative force within, working and playing and resting with it, is the most satisfying way to live.

The font of all human achievement is this longing for growth and evolution. The font of all human love is this longing to belong.

Longings, when creatively fed, become belongings.