The Creative Season

Welcome back! I hope you created a great summer for yourself and those around you.

Does anyone else feel that September, not January, should be the start of the year? Probably thanks to 19 years of back-to-school, for me this is the best season to make creative plans. And to organise time and space, those two resources that underwrite every project.

I've been looking at how I do things and will be making a few small changes to the blog.

First up, after today the blog will publish on Tuesdays and Fridays only.

It will continue to bring you insights and ideas from the creative greats, past and present. I’m also going to be sharing my experience of changing emphasis from conventional print publishing to online indie publishing. This will be a very personal take, telling it how it is (and how it feels) in real time, as it unfolds: the creative freedoms, the challenges, what works and what doesn’t…

I know many of you are writers and I’ll be bearing that in mind, telling it all so you can learn from my mistakes!

Even if you don’t write, this is interesting stuff for any reader. The publishing world is changing, rapidly and radically. As it does, Goliaths (like Borders in the US, the biggest chain of bookstores in the world) are toppling, while wee Davids (like me) are thriving as we never did in conventional publishing.

And, in another feature, every second Friday, I’ll be posting a new chapter of my novel-in-progress, Skin Diving — all about a woman who needs to face down her family’s demons so she can make something of herself. If you'd like to follow along, you can catch up on  the first chapters HERE.

As I don’t want to bombard you with too many emails, the blog will now be reserved for creative writing and creative intelligence articles only.  So:

The blog starts back properly next week, with posts featuring Harold Pinter, Lord Byron, Kirstin Scott Thomas, Jane Eyre, parenting and creativity, the creative impulses of early 20th century Irish revolutionaries and much more.

And as ever, I’d love to hear what you’re creating.

PS: If you need help sorting out what you’re doing or how your doing it over the coming year, THE CREATIVE CLINIC is now taking bookings. Slots fill up fast so drop me an email if you’re interested.