The Creative No

Some people think going with the flow means doing anything that happens along. That's not the creative way.

If you're saying “yes” to everything that turns up, you're not living from creative intention.

You're not making time for meditation, exercise or freewriting. You're not protecting your Making Time. You're not choosing the best use of your energy.

Only you are the expert on that.

Other people will do things that will haul you away from your creative intentions. For all sorts of reasons, some very valid.

And very enticing.

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Indeed one test of how creative your life is the quality of what you have to turn down.

I get many exciting invitations each month that I can't accept. If I did, I wouldn't get the books written or keep my chosen level of connection with ALLi, my family and friends and local community.

What are you going to say No to today?

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