Freshen Your Mind.

Henry James advised his readers to “Be one of those people on whom nothing is lost” and in her great, great book, Becoming A Writer, creative mind snarl penseditor and early self-help guru Dorothea Brande, laid out the following method “of getting to that desirable state”.

“Set yourself a short period each day when you will, by taking thought, recapture a childlike ‘innocence of eye'. Transport yourself back to the state of wide-eyed interest that was yours at the age of five… turn yourself into

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Shut Up and Be

Try this.  For one hour a day, every day from now on, resolve to be silent.  To speak only in reply to woodlandquestions asked of you.  Apart from necessary answers to direct questions, to say nothing.

Come on, it's just one hour.

Silence is far more powerful than we generally allow.  Unlike sound – and most everything else in our world – silence cannot be categorised or explained.  It is pure, whole and complete in itself.

This discipline of an hour's silence a day was recommended by

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