The Courage To Create

“Why do we do all this: obey, follow, copy? Why? Because we are frightened, inwardly, to be uncertain. We want to be certain.

“We want to be certain financially, we want to be certain morally, we want to be approved, we want to be in a safe position, we want never to be confronted with trouble, pain, suffering. We want to be enclosed.

“It is fear that, consciously or unconsciously, makes us obey the master, the leader, the priest, the government. Fear also controls us from doing something which may be

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Note to Beginner Writers

So many new writers have barely put pen to page when they start asking about how to find an agenthowth pink or get published.  They don't want to hear that this is like trying to whip the cart down the road while the horse is off, cantering around the fields.

That first they must learn what it means to love writing for itself.

To revere it, actually.

If you want to be a writer, not just a hack, you've got to make writing top of your heap. It has to be, or become, more important to you than two of the following:

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