Yeats Anniversary Celebrations 2015

WB YeatsYeats activity is hotting up in Ireland, as June 13th 2015 will be the 150th anniversary of his birth.

Yesterday was the third annual Yeats Day in Sligo and Jimmy Deenihan TD, Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht used the occasion to launch “Yeats 2015”, a year-long national and international celebration.

I'll be publishing Her Secret Rose, the first of my books in ebook form soon. The publication is a little delayed because there is a small press in Ireland that might be interested in putting the print books into bookstores — which would save me a whole lot of hassle with Easons.

Will keep you posted but one way or the other, the book will be out at

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Self-Publishing History: WB Yeats Goes Crowdfunding

WB Yeats
WB Yeats

Late in 1888, young Willie Yeats finished his first major book, The Wanderings of Oisin (a Gaelic name, pronounced “Usheen”), at the age of 22.

The challenge then, as now, was to get it published and into the hands of readers. He had a publisher in mind but, in order to be able to approach him, the convention of the time was that the author needed to guarantee the sale of a certain number of “subscriptions” first. He had to bring in contacts who'd declare their commitment to purchasing a number of copies.

Friends and family stumped up but most of them were poor. One friend, the well-connected John O'Leary, a Nelson Mandela figure in Irish nationalism, made all the differences to

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The Yeats-Gonne Trilogy Covers Are Through

The Secret Rose Cover LARGE EBOOKA Child Dancing MEDIUM WEBBut a Dream MEDIUM WEB The wonderful Jane Dixon-Smith has just delivered the covers for the Yeats-Gonne trilogy, Between The Words, and yes, I'm a tad excited!  Jane's done a wonderful job as always.

These novels have been a long time in the writing. WB Yeats was 23-years-old when Maud Gonne came calling and what he called ‘the troubling of his life' began.

Yeats went on to forge a poetic career out of his unrequited love for Gonne, writing long and often about how he wanted to marry her. To this day Wikipedia accepts him at his word but the emotional truth of this fascinating relationship was a little different.

That's what's explored in the first part of the trilogy. The second looks at

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