You’re Not Mad, You’re Creative: Part 4

The highly creative people who come to her for help, says Mary Taylor of the Creative Intelligence Centre , are not necessarily artists or musicians.  Most of them work in “regular” jobs and do not consider themselves to be creative at all.

“Their deepest turmoil,” she says, “often stems from the fact that although they feel they are capable, they are unable to bring their talents into the world in a recognizable or tangible form. They often feel confused in their attempts to figure this ‘puzzle' out.”

Taylor divides these troubled responses into what she calls

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You’re Not Mad, You’re Creative: Part 3

As well as being united by similar characteristics and experiences (see Are You Highly Creative Quiz), highly creative individuals often possess a similar cluster of innate gifts, aptitudes and talents.

“When used in combination,” says Mary Taylor, LCSW, of the Creative Intelligence Centre , “these aptitudes give rise to the gift of creative intelligence – a superior ability for innovative thinking and application”.

They include:

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