Creative Clinic 1. Can You Get Me Started?

Hi Orna,
I'm in my mid 30s with a calling to write. I love writing and I'm good at it  – I know this because every essay I ever wrote at school got read aloud and one I wrote before school one morning won a national essay writing competition even though I thought it was cr+p. Anyone I ever wrote a letter to told me I should be a writer. I was reading my children's Horrid Henry books last night and thought “God, I could do that!?”

Do you know where I can go?  Or would you even throw a challenge at me?

I don't read enough either – do I really need to?  Can somebody not be

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Freshen Your Mind.

Henry James advised his readers to “Be one of those people on whom nothing is lost” and in her great, great book, Becoming A Writer, creative mind snarl penseditor and early self-help guru Dorothea Brande, laid out the following method “of getting to that desirable state”.

“Set yourself a short period each day when you will, by taking thought, recapture a childlike ‘innocence of eye'. Transport yourself back to the state of wide-eyed interest that was yours at the age of five… turn yourself into

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