Sunday Inspirational Poetry: Placenta

Today's Sunday Inspirational Poetry is: Placenta

Look to the tree, how it remembers the clay
that once pressed, loam-loving, round its kernel
through which it roamed out, a tender and
unseeing shoot, groping towards the light of day
and the airy, spangled light of night.

Poked itself up, thin and twiggy-green, dazzled and drawn by the taste of wind, the touch of sky,
to rise and rise. Oh yes, sap soaring, up it flew,
thickening to wood as it went, circling its circles,
and pouring out leaves and fruit,

leaves and fruit, leaves and fruit, to flare and fall,
year after year, from its trunk. One dear trunk,
so tall and split and spread, fingering the air,
its strength its equal, rooting reach for earth.

Sunday is lazy day for me, so here on the blog each Sunday I reprise one of my inspirational poems about some aspect of creative working and living.

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Orna Ross


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